Open Sourcing PicMagick

Since December 2011, PicMagick is open sourced under MIT License. It is hosted here on GitHub.

A Bit of History

When I programmed PicMagick in 2008, I wanted it to be a very simple photo editor that people can use for basic functionalities, and I think it isn't bad for that purpose. It was a personal project that gave me the chance to learn image processing and Flash programming, also to give some free utilities back to the community. Over the years, PicMagick gained some popularity but not much, since I never had the time to either improve it or advertise it. Now (end of 2011), after some revisits to this old app, I thought it would be a good time to open source it, since I haven't seen a good embeddable image editor, so here it is.

Future Plan

I do not intend to add any big features to PicMagick in the future, since Flash is dying due to the mobile market, and I'm planning to build a fast embeddable image editor in HTML5 next year (2012). Shortly after Picmagick, I coded a more complete image processing library in Alchemy and C++, and used it to build another app Simplycontrast. However, despite the speed Alchemy and C brings, the app performs poorly on platforms other than Windows; and I don't think Flash has any future compared to HTML5.