About PicMagick and me

Hello, my name is Zefei Xuan, the designer and developer of PicMagick.

PicMagick is a personal project I started working on since May 2008. It was some amazing photos on Flickr made me very interested in photography and photo editing. Then I found that many of those great photos rely on some very expensive equipments or software; and most photo editing software require a lot of knowledge and techniques to be powerful. So I decided to write my own photo editor, PicMagick, which will hopefully make photo editing easy and enjoyable.

I'm currently (2009) an undergraduate math student, studying in Canada. Programming has been a hobby of mine since about 1997.

To contact me, my email address is zefei (dot) xuan (at) gmail (dot) com.


(July 2010) Check out my newest online application: SimplyContrast.com - easiest way to create single photo HDR.